Beware of Polite Responses when Selling Your Product

If you trying to sell your product or services then beware of what I call the polite response.

Picture this…

You tell them about your product or service and they nod and say “sounds interesting”.

That went well right? Wrong!

You sales presentation should get an active emotional response, not a polite one (that means they are only listening until it is all over). It is better to get a strong response whether it is positive, negative or non committal or not interested.

Do not be afraid to be bold and direct with people and to the point. Otherwise you are just wasting their time and yours.

Neutral people do not buy and polite responses do not translate in to sales, ever. Ask again until you get a response.

Warren Tapp –
Tapp Advisory,
Business Consulting Gold Coast, increase Profitability and your Company.

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