The power of the Business Roundtable

This is an exclusive group of successful business owners and CEO’s

  • The Business Roundtable is based on the principle of a mastermind, to find solutions and achieve improved outcomes for all.

    For more than 30 years one thing I keep hearing from professional business people, like yourself. Was, it’s lonely operating a business with no one that you trust and talk through ideas with. This is why I have created the Business Roundtable. Where a limited number of members talk, exchanging ideas helping each other in a confidential setting.

What is the Business Roundtable & how will it benefit you?

  • The Roundtable has a minimum of 4 members and a maximum of 8. Once a month I will act as Chair at the group meeting, which includes lunch. Each member will have time to share their business future plans, ideas and challengers amongst the closed group. Each member will gain ideas and advice from the rest of the group, who have valuable experience in business. On top of this I will meet with each member once a month at their place of business for a few hours to assist with issues specific to their business. Between monthly meetings you will receive regular emails from me on interesting business topics plus you can meet other members one on one to discuss strategies & any ongoing issues to improve your businesses.

    On occasion we will have a guest speaker on a contemporary business topic and will hold a one-day retreat each year in order to consolidate your learning and actions from our monthly meetings. From time to time you will also receive an invaluable business book to keep and read.

Who is Warren Tapp?

  • I have 35 years experience in assisting small to large businesses across a range of areas to make a difference in their sales & profitability. I have been a CEO, Board Director and Chair on more than 15 Boards over the last 20 years, including family owned businesses. I was a Director in Consulting with Price Waterhouse and later founded and operated my own company for many years. My qualifications include an MBA, Masters of Law and Graduate Diploma in Applied Corporate Governance. See my website for more information on what I can do for your business along with other Roundtable members.

Benefits to you?

  • A group of professionals you can trust and share your issues with in a completely confidential way
  • Increased sales, profitability and margin improvement
  • Networking opportunity with each other as potential customers
  • Advice on staffing issues and access to legal assistance with employment matters
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Define and implement a profitable exit strategy for your future.
  • Corporate Governance advice for you and your Directors
  • Financial Analysis of your business and advice on profit drivers
  • Ways to systemise your business so you work on it and not just in it
  • Access to equity capital to grow your business (minimum $200K)
  • Time management and stress relief if needed
  • Monthly lunch and drinks with Roundtable members
  • One day Business retreat including lunch and drinks
  • Guest speakers on relevant business trends
  • Supply of business books specific to you
  • Monthly on site meetings with Tapp Advisory in order to understand your specific business and relevant issues
  • Regular email information on business ideas and trends

Real Value for Money

  • The Business Roundtable is real value for money as it provides a confidential forum with other business minded people in a similar position to yourself with an opportunity to make a big difference to your bottom line at the end of a year, the ROI (Return on Investment) can be substantial.

What is your next step?

What people say

We lifted profits by 61% in the year after warren showed us how

We now know what to do as a board of directors and run this company properly

Boy, he was pretty blunt with us but he was right in fixing our business

I was working 90 hours a week now I only work 45 hours a week and we are more profitable

The vision and ideas warren had or our business were amazing, a complete change of direction

The videos I bought from Tapp Advisory were a great investment in our business

Warren worked as an advisor with us for 8 years and then helped us sell the business successfully

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Then watch what happens to your business!

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