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Employment Law Solutions for these Unsettled Times

Business owners say they have trouble keeping up with rules and regulations about employing staff at any time let alone now during this Covid-19 Unsettled Times. Now I have found a useful solution for them. A company called Employsure provide a monthly subscription service for business owners that is like having your own in house Employment Lawyer. They cover the Fair Work Commission and WH&S Law and all other employment law. They can provide legal phone advice if you ....
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When the Government Money Stops

PLUS 14 Ways to Help Your Business Cope with a Recession. Some Business Owners are Making 2 Mistakes... A lot of businesses are still surviving because of the various Government payments now being paid. However I have already seen some business owners becoming complacent about this because their Cash Flow is OK. But they are making 2 mistakes... One Mistake that I’ve Seen... They have given up marketing. ...Secondly the Government will be reviewing all of their handouts in June to “tweak” them. That could mean stopping them completely or reducing them or limiting who qualifies. This is despite them saying it would continue until September as the cost of all of this is huge. If you received the first cash boost via your BAS this month you will automatically get the balance after you lodge your June and September BAS...
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10 Ways to Help Business Owners to Cope with a Recession

We must remember there will probably be a recession in Australia. Now is the time to think strategically and prepare your business for the tough times ahead. There have been 4 recessions since 1980 lasting from 8 to 18 months and the effect on businesses lasted for years. Here are 10 tips to deal with a recession. - Cut costs now but only if it will not harm you later - Think about turning employees in to sub contractors - Get out here and shine and do it now - Take the long view. Marketing is a marathon and not a sprint - Choose your marketing techniques and channels wisely - Renovate your marketing tools now you have the time to do it
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FREE Sales Power Course

Australia’s leading Sales Trainers, the program covers the following topics: - 1 Building Relationships - 2 Prospecting - 3 Follow up - 4 Handling Objections - 5 Negotiating and closing the sale There is no cost for this powerful Sales training online program to help you during this tough business environment where you cannot afford to lose one sale. You can also have a look in our store at Ian’s more extensive 16 week online program for Sales Managers and Sales staff which includes coaching and program notes. Ian can also offer personal in house Sales training if required.

Company Directors and Corona Virus To Do List

If you are a Director of your company or someone else’s company these are difficult time for you. Start planning for a recession later this year. Think about what that will do to your business and how you plan to survive that. Talk to your accountants and prepare for it. I think all well run businesses will get through the virus phase and the recession phase and emerge stronger in the future as the economy rebounds.
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You Get One Chance at a Sale

I wonder how many businesses lose sales because their staff cannot handle an enquiry to buy something when you ring them or walk in to their store. Marketing costs make it expensive getting prospective customers to ring you or walk in so why waste that money by missing sales when you often only get one chance to make a sale, at the initial point of enquiry from that potential customer. You no doubt have plenty of competitors the customer can go to if they do not get a good response on the first try.
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Workplace Health and Safety will improve Profits

Why? It is because good WH&S practices will have the effect of reducing your insurance and workers compensation premiums and improve employee retention, morale and productivity. It will also reduce days off for sickness or injury and the cost of training replacement staff. You should be doing the following as a minimum...
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Increase Profits by 61%

The bottom line is the most important number in your business otherwise you just have a paid job. So the other bottom line is that small changes to you various levers can make a big difference to your profitability. Of course you need to track all these figures in your business to be able to start. I have helped dozens of small businesses focus on these levers and I can help you too if you decide you want help putting all of this in to place.
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Update Your Employment Contracts and Policies

You must provide every employee with an employment contract whether they are casual, part time or full time. This decides the relationship between you in work a work setting. Such a contract should reflect any employment law as well as verbal arrangements between you as well as any policy or procedure manuals you have, common law rules, implied terms, professional practices or anything else agreed to. You should also review these regularly.
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Beware of Polite Responses when Selling Your Product

If you trying to sell your product or services then beware of what I call the polite response. Picture this… You tell them about your product or service and they nod and say “sounds interesting”. That went well right? Wrong! You sales presentation should get an active emotional response, not a polite one