How to Set Goals for Your Business this Year?

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Welcome to 2020 and I hope it is a great year for your business.

So how exactly do you set goals for your business this year?

Well there are categories of goals to focus on and it makes goal setting more structured.

They are:

Financial Goals

Revenue targets, expenses, profitability, investment, margins or tax strategies

Infrastructure goals

Systems, processes, software, capital expenditure or equipment

Marketing goals

Number of clients or sales, new clients and client retention, media exposure, brand awareness, number of proposals or quotes, prospect tank

Internet marketing

Website visitors, click through rate, online ad statistics, social media connections and followers or likes

Product/Services goals

Selling new products this year, Market share, competitive advantage, removing old products or services

Customer service goals

Review your service standards, log all complaints and follow up, run a customer survey twice this year

Staff goals

Add new staff members, remove non performers, measure staff morale and culture, mentor key staff, promotions, training, performance reviews

Personal goals

Why are you in business?
Measure hours worked each week and reduce, so you want to sell your business?
What do you want more of or less of this year in your business?

All of this structure will help you write down your goals for the business and you.

They are not New Year resolutions to forget!

Good luck with it all.

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