How to Survive in Business during COVID

For a lot of businesses Covid has seen them close their doors despite their best efforts.

The only way to survive during these tough times is to do the following:

Pivot Your Business to Where the Market is.

This may mean doing more online selling rather than rely on reduced foot traffic. Do a survey of your current customers to find out what they want from you now and then provide it. Find new markets to sell to, whether it be with new products or services or new geographic areas or new demographic markets such as younger or older people. Review your payment terms to make it easier for customers and look for value add things you can do for them.

Have a look at the FREE videos on Selling on our website at to boost your sales skills.

Reduce Inventories Where Possible.

A lot of businesses have too much stock and it ties up working capital and reduces in value over time. See if you can work on Just in Time inventory modelling to limit how much stock you need at any one time. If you do a regular stock take, ask yourself if you need the volume that you have and if it is current for the market.

Spend More on Marketing.

This might seem counter intuitive but in tough times you have to spend more on getting sales and customers. It is the one expensed you cannot do without yet a lot of businesses I see do not spend enough.

The key of course is how you spend it and where.

Talk to me about how good your website and social media marketing is and what else you can do to get more new customers or repeat ones.

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