Workplace Health and Safety will improve Profits

Rather than seeing WH & S as a cost, see it as an investment that will add to your profits.

It is because good WH&S practices will have the effect of reducing your insurance and workers compensation premiums and improve employee retention, morale and productivity.

It will also reduce days off for sickness or injury and the cost of training replacement staff. You should be doing the following as a minimum:

  • Ensure records are kept of all accidents
  • Investigate all such accidents for legal reasons
  • Ensure each employee is competent and trained in their job
  • Ensure staff working from home are also have been risk assessed
  • Supervise workers who work alone or remotely
  • Have safe manual handling and lifting policies
  • Provide suitable and safe staff amenities and bathrooms
  • Review all incidents monthly and keep records

The penalties these days for events from poor WH&S are severe for the company and its owners.

If you need any help reviewing your WH&S practices or have any queries then please contact me.

Warren Tapp
Tapp Advisory, Business Consulting Gold Coast.
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